Lijiang china weather in june

2019-09-21 22:59

Guide to Lijiang weather in June. The average maximum daytime temperature in Lijiang in June is a warm 22C (72F). The average nighttime temperature is usually a cool 12C (54F).Lijiang weather is generally mild, with abundant rainfall and plenty of sunshine. It has an average annual temperature between 13 C (55 F) and 20 C (68 F), without too much change from spring to winter. In summer, the temperature just falls between 10 26 C (50 79 F) low because of the continuous rain. Coming to winter, the high mountains block the cold air from northern China, so it is lijiang china weather in june

Average Weather in June in Lijiang China. Daily high temperatures decrease by 2F, from 90F to 88F, rarely falling below 83F or exceeding 97F. Daily low temperatures are around 77F, rarely falling below 72F or exceeding 80F.

Weather: June is warm and very rainy. It is cloudier than May, and the months of June, July and August are the height of the rainy season. Depending on the weather, you might want to go on outdoor excursions or stay dry in Lijiang. The peculiar combination of a high altitude and a low latitude results in, for the most part of Lijiang, a climate that is characterized by cooler summers and warmer winters, combined with heavy rains in the monsoon period, but relatively clear weather throughout the rest of the year. Thelijiang china weather in june Get Lijiang, China typical June Weather including average and record temperatures from AccuWeather. com

Annual Weather Averages in Kunming Airport. Kunming Airport is 199 miles from Lijiang, so the actual climate in Lijiang can vary a bit. Based on weather reports collected during. lijiang china weather in june Lijiang Weather in June becomes warm. The temperature slightly rises, but the summer of Lijiang is cool compared with most cities in China the average temperature is about 24C (75F) by Visitors traveling to Lijiang should plan on bringing a totally waterproof rain jacket since it will be raining some days. Also bring your shorts and or a skirt because it can be very nice and warm. For other monthly weather averages and what to do in June look at the numbers below. Climate& Weather Averages in Lijiang, China Qamdo is 69 miles from Lijiang, so the actual climate in Lijiang can vary a bit. Based on weather reports collected during. June Climate& Weather Averages in Lijiang. High Temp: 75 F. Low Temp: 49 F. Mean Temp: 62 F.

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