Fingers going numb in cold weather

2019-09-21 23:17

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Cohen on why do my fingers go numb in the cold: It is likely to be raynauds. See a rheumatologist. There are several treatment options.How can the answer be improved? fingers going numb in cold weather

Jan 28, 2005  Even after my hands warm, the fingers remain white and numb for at least 30 minutes. I first noticed this last winter on my right hand but now it is happening on my left hand as well. My ring fingers also are affected but not as severely. A few times the fingers have had a

Exposure to cold normally results in slowing of blood flow to fingers and toes. Small arteries in extremities narrow, reducing blood flow and preserving the core body temperature. This can cause hands to go numb, so patients with this disease are advised to wear gloves in cold weather. The best thing you can do to prevent pain, or worse, numbness, is to dress in warmfingers going numb in cold weather I used to enjoy cold weather and coldweather activities. Not anymore. These days I find it harder and harder to keep my hands warm when Im outside, even with an excellent pair of gloves. Sometimes my fingers turn white and become numb. Those are the hallmarks of Raynauds syndrome (or disease or

Exposure to cold temperatures or emotional distress triggers an attack, usually lasting several minutes. The fingers become numb and turn white as blood flow is markedly decreased. Cyanosis occurs shortly after as oxygen decreases in the fingers. Blood flow returns to the fingers when the attack is over. Raynaud's phenomenon often gets worse with time. fingers going numb in cold weather

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