Cold weather travel trailer camping

2019-09-21 23:10

Lets get this disclaimer out in the open right away: We dont camp in cold weather. We couldnt even if we wanted to. Our camper is a hybrid, or expandable, RV, meaning cold temperatures would make our canvas bed ends extremely susceptible to tears.The idea was to simulate an extreme cold weather camping trip. Although the outside temperature dropped below zero, the temperature inside the RV stayed at a comfortable 70 degrees, and all of the holding tanks, dump valves and water lines remained completely operational. cold weather travel trailer camping

Cold weather RV camping doesnt have to entail roughing it and freezing your buns off until the spring thaw. There are many simple steps you can take to ensure your winter camping experience is more comfortable and your equipment remains fully functional.

Cold Weather Camping Joe and Vicki Kieva. Cold weather months can be a great time to travel and camp in an RV. Traffic is lighter, campgrounds are uncrowded and the weather is stimulating. Keep in mind that engines demand more electrical starting power during cold weather. Have a safe and relaxing winter trip with these tips to help you prepare your RV and enjoy an offseason adventure. Prep Your RV for Winter. Before heading out, the most important thing to do is make sure your rig will be up to the rigors of winter camping. Most current RVs are designed, built and insulated to take cold weather in stride.cold weather travel trailer camping Dec 08, 2017  Cold Weather Travel Trailers. When youre shopping for an RV to use in the winter, choose one with the arctic package option. The package typically includes extra insulation with a

Misc Cold Weather Tips. More tips and tricks that hopefully will help you out when the icy weather hits. Heating Pad A heating pad can aid in defrosting pipes or keeping an important area like the water pump warm. Also feels really good on cold feet. Fridge Best to leave your fridge on even when really cold. RV absorption refrigerators cold weather travel trailer camping

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